On 15th June 2021, 11 Year 10 students studying French took part in a competition organised by Business Language Champions. There were 8 teams from different schools across the UK. The competition was called Europe Goes to Tokyo, an event to mark the 2021 Olympics.


The event introduced students to Japanese culture and language, with the aim of using their French to market the Olympic Games in French with a fusion of French and Japanese culture.


The students were tasked with the following activities.


  • Listening to their activity briefing in French and writing down what they understood they had to do.
  • To design a livery for a plane and to describe their design in both French and English.
  • To design a merchandise item which would be sold on a plane transporting competitors to the Olympic Games. This involved using both French and English translations.
  • To record an inflight announcement advertising their merchandise.


The students worked very hard all morning and the organisers of the event commented on how enthusiastic they were and how impressed they were with the quality of the work.

We entered 2 teams. They were given the names Athens and London.  We are delighted to announce that it was very close between the 2 teams and Athens team won the overall competition based on the quality of their work and a student poll.

The students were a credit to the school and such positive ambassadors for French in the school. The organisers have told us they would like to see us enter more teams next year.