Approach to Improvement


The Lincolnshire Educational Trust (LET) has a defined approach to managing its academies and is explicit in the underlining approach that Principals should apply when providing excellent education.

The LET approach to managing our academies is to delegate maximum responsibility to our Principals as we firmly believe that through their leadership, we can optimise the educational and developmental performance of our children and young people. To support the Principals, the Chief Executive provides professional leadership and guidance. The Trust has established a rigorous accountability framework through the Trust Board and each Academy Governing Committee. The Trust Board focuses on the strategic issues and delegates to each Academy Governing Committee the focus of monitoring children and young people’s learning, including individual learners and specific groups of learners progress, through constantly challenging the executive on the effectiveness of its support to learners.

The LET approach to raising standards in our academies is based on five tenets:

Setting high aspirations for every learner in all aspects of academy life.

Knowing every learner and designing support and encouragement in a manner that ensures each can grow and know they can achieve in a safe environment.

Providing inspirational teaching by high quality staff that embeds literacy and numeracy in the curriculum, whilst providing a broad and diverse curriculum that captivates children and young people so they become life-long learners.

Maximising and celebrating every learner’s achievements and progress through high quality teaching.

Promoting exemplary behaviour that is characterised by a respectful and caring environment, where rules are understood and accepted.

Standards Approach