Academy Governing Committees

The Academy Governing Committees are a key part of the Trust and to help the management of these committees the is a Chair of Governors committee which is chaired by the CEO and meets 5 time per year. It will be consulted on any key issues by the CEO so chairs are well informed of changes. This committee will provide an opportunity to feedback on concerns.

Governors form the Academy Governing Committee (AGC) for each academy. An AGC is a committee of the Trust and has oversight of the functions of academies as delegated to them by Board of Trustees. No Trustees are on an AGC. The terms of office initially for a 4-year period, with the opportunity to serve for a second 4-year period. This is delegated to the CEO who is responsible for the work of AGCs. The AGC will have between 8 and16 governors. Membership will include the Principal, who is ex officio, two parents and two staff. The Vice Principal is expected to attend although not a formal member of the AGC. The CEO and/or DCEO will usually be governor to support the key monitoring of pupils’ performance role, but also to provide a link between the Trust board and AGC. An AGC is quorate when 51% of the membership is present. It is important that an AGC has the appropriate skills mix to be able to fulfil its delegated functions. Trustees will ensure each AGC has the right skill set through its biennial skills audit of Governors. An AGC will usually meet five or six times per year as determined by the CEO. The Principal is responsible for setting the agenda in line with the framework and discussions with the CEO. The Chair can also add items to the agenda in discussion with the Principal. Decisions between meetings can be arrived at through electronic means with the approval of the Chair and CEO and providing at least 51% of the Board contribute to the decision. UOLAT will hold 2 training sessions for Governors during the year and this training will be for all governors. It will include guidance and training on safeguarding. All Governors must have an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) and a S128 Check, which identifies whether someone is barred from management or governance.

It is important that Governors feel free to make visits to the academy and the clerk must ensure there is a record of these visits.

Governors meetings will run from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, any subcommittees established must be open to all governors and will be held prior to the main AGC meeting.

The terms of reference for an Academy Governing Committee are:

Ensuring the Academy is working to its ethos within the Mission and Values of the UOLAT
Holding the Principal and senior staff to account for the educational performance of the academy and ensuring that young people have a high quality and relevant curriculum with the appropriate resources for all abilities.
Ensuring the academy is meeting all the relevant safeguarding regulations and creating supportive environment for its children and young people to learn.
Overseeing the financial performance of the academy, ensuring good value for money and ensuring the buildings and facilities are safe and fit for purpose.
Overseeing and providing Governor input to the academies key plans and policies.

The fundamental aspect of AGC governance is agreeing the curriculum framework and focusing upon pupil progress, this includes special groups such as pupil premium and SEND pupils. This focus must constitute 50% of an AGC meeting so governors have ample opportunity to question and challenge the success or otherwise of the academy’s performance. Clearly scrutiny and monitoring of key plans that the academy has developed to address such groups is part of that focus.