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About the Trust


The University of Lincoln sponsors the University of Lincoln Academy Trust and plays a leading role in the governance of the trust and establishing the ethos and operational principles. It delegates to its executive staff a high level of responsibility, whilst ensuring it can monitor the work of its academies in a supportive but challenging manner. At the heart of the Trust’s work is enhancing social justice and raising aspirations in one of the most deprived areas of the country. It places great emphasis on supporting the local communities that it serves. All our current academies are based in South Holland District Council area in South East Lincolnshire, which is one of the most deprived areas of Lincolnshire with one of the lowest average wages in the country.

The key to our success is having high quality staff in an area where recruitment in professional services in all areas of employment is not easy. Thus recruiting, retaining and developing high quality staff is very high priority for the Trust. The Trust uses the national pay scales for teachers and conditions of service including pensions and it uses the local conditions of service for non-teaching staff and the Lincolnshire local government pension scheme. The Trust has a comprehensive set of services to support each academy and in terms of safeguarding and child protection, finance, human resources, payroll, health and safety these are common across all our academies. The Trust uses a combination of in house services or services procured through competitive tender, which are held under regular review. However where other existing services are performing well and providing good value for money the Trust permits flexibility amongst its academies. As a result of our commitment to the communities we serve, we seek wherever possible to purchase goods and services locally, provided they meet our best value conditions.

Development of the Trust

University Academy Holbeach Trust, sponsored by the University of Lincoln, was created in 2011 when George Farmer Technology and Language College and St Guthlac’s, Crowland were merged. In 2014, The Lincolnshire Educational Trust Ltd was formed when the University Academy Holbeach Trust agreed to become a Multi Academy Trust (MAT), with Holbeach Primary School. In 2016 Gosberton House Academy joined the Trust, followed by Holbeach Bank Academy in 2018 and University Academy Long Sutton in 2019.

In 2020 a strategic review was commissioned, as part of its recommendations the Trust was renamed; University of Lincoln Academy Trust.

University Academy Holbeach (UAH)

Principal: Sheila Paige

Vice Principal: Donna Allen

University Academy Holbeach (UAH) is an academy based in Holbeach, situated in south east Lincolnshire. First established 1958, as a secondary modern school named the George Farmer School. The school was named after George Farmer, who in 1669 donated 17 acres and three roods to establish the first free school in Holbeach.

In seeking to set up a new academy at George Farmer, the local authority invited the University of Lincoln to be its education sponsor. In 2011 UAH was established following the closure of St Guthlac’s School, Crowland and its merger with George Farmer Technology and Language College, Holbeach (George Farmer had been managing St Guthlac’s for four years, prior to the merger).

UAH is an 11 to 19 non-selective school in a selective area with 1,400 students, including 300 in its Sixth Form (post-16 provision). In 2020 the school’s PAN was raised from 180 to 240, due to over subscription. This will continue to see the population of the Academy increase to approximately 1,500 students.

The Academy offers a broad and varied curriculum, including; vocational and technical qualifications, at both KS4 and KS5, rich A-Level and T Level curriculums, along with an accredited apprenticeships programme.

At the time of transfer, Ofsted rated George Farmer Technology and Language College as ‘Good’. University Academy Holbeach received a further inspection in March 2019, where it maintained a ‘Good’ rating in all areas. In June 2023 UAH Apprenticeships were awarded with a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

Holbeach Primary Academy (HPA)

Director of Primary Education: Susan Boor (Executive Principal)

Executive Vice-Principal: Nicola Kenyon

The School first opened as Holbeach Boys’ Boarding School in 1877, having since a range of iterations. In 1947, the School became Holbeach County School and a year later, Holbeach Primary School; moving to its current site in 1982. In 2014, Holbeach Primary School joined as convertor, establishing a new Multi Academy Trust with UAH; The Lincolnshire Educational Trust Ltd. On joining the Trust, the school was renamed Holbeach Primary Academy (HPA) and is based on an adjoining site to UAH A primary academy with over 300 children and is consistently fully subscribed. The Academy enjoys an outstanding reputation for its work within the community, in 2018 it was in the top 10% of Lincolnshire schools for pupil outcomes. This academy has a strong inclusive reputation in meeting the needs of all children and values its close links with the local community and stakeholders in the local area. It is the lead academy, working with Holbeach Bank Academy (HBA); sharing the same Governing Body and Executive Staff. The Academy now has a Local Authority Moderator for Year 6 within its Senior Team. At the time of transfer Ofsted rated it as ‘requiring improvement’, since transferring to the Trust the academy has received two inspections; May 2017 and April 2023 receiving a ‘Good’ rating on both occasions.

Gosberton House Academy (GHA)

Principal: Katharine Saywell

Vice-Principal: Paul Squire

The School first opened in 1953 as Gosberton House Special School, in what is now a residential nursing home, moving into its current buildings in the grounds of the nursing home in 1988. In 2016, Gosberton House Special School joined the Trust as a convertor, it was renamed Gosberton House Academy (GHA).

The Academy is based approximately 13 miles from Holbeach and is a specialist academy for pre-school and primary aged pupils with social communication, autism and/or additional learning needs. Consistently running at capacity and highly regarded by parents, holding the Leading Parent Partnership Award. The Academy was externally assessed by the National Autistic Society (NAS) and achieved ‘Advanced’ status; one of the first in the Country to have this received the highest grade. It holds the Lincolnshire County Council contract for social communication/Autism outreach provision; judged by NAS to be worthy of ‘Advanced’ status level.

At the time of transfer, Ofsted rated it as ‘Outstanding’.

Holbeach Bank Academy (HBA)

Director of Primary Education: Susan Boor (Executive Principal)

Executive Vice-Principal: Nicola Kenyon

A small rural school based in its original buildings from its opening in 1877. The school joined the Trust in 2018 as a sponsored academy; this was at the request of Lincolnshire County Council and the Regional Schools Commissioner. Upon joining it was renamed Holbeach Bank Academy (HBA).

A small primary academy with approximately 70 children, which is situated within a very small village, in an area of significant deprivation; a high percentage of pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium.

HBA is situated less than 2 miles from Holbeach Primary Academy. The Academies are led by the same Academy Governing Committee and Executive Staff. The rigorous work of the leadership team has led to HBA now being an academy of first choice within the area.

At the time of transfer Ofsted rated it as ‘inadequate’, following an Ofsted inspection in October 2022 it was rated as ‘Good’ in all areas.

University Academy Long Sutton (UALS)

Principal: Liam Davé

Vice-Principal: Simon Gilman

First established as The Peele School, opening in 1958, on land once owned by Thomas Peele. This academy is freehold, having previously been a Foundation School. On its site there is; a nursery which serves Long Sutton, a Leisure Centre and an all-weather pitch. The Leisure Centre and all weather pitch are owned by the Trust, but leased to outside bodies, with academy use during the school day.

In 2019, The Peele Community College, Long Sutton (less than 6 miles from Holbeach) joined the Trust as a sponsored academy; at the request of Lincolnshire County Council and the Regional Schools Commissioner. On joining it was renamed University Academy Long Sutton (UALS).

An 11 – 16, non-selective school in a selective area, with approximately 700 pupils; seeing a consistent increase in pupil numbers since joining the Trust. In July 2022 the DfE announced that the Academy would be part of the Schools Rebuild Programme.

At the time of transfer Ofsted rated it as ‘inadequate’. Following an inspection in September 2023 the Academy was given an overall rating of 'Requires Improvement', with the majority of areas rated as 'Good'. 

Monkshouse Primary Academy (MPA)

Principal: Sue Goodsell

Vice-Principal: Hannah Turner